Hipsters – the new unicorns?

Hipster cop, or a cop with a beard, became a meme after his star appearance at an EDL demonstration the other week. Turns out though, he’s more of a biker with access to moustache wax. Which makes me wonder, are hipsters the new unicorns? No one admits to being a hipster. Even people who live in Moseley, ride a dutch bike or single speed, drink craft beer, collect vintage NWA on vinyl, have a beard if they’re a man or pastel coloured hair in a braid crown if they’re a woman, call their children things like Alfie, Bertie, Molly or … Continue reading Hipsters – the new unicorns?

The internet versus opinion

For some reason, the internet, operating as a mass disembodiment of keyboards tapping and clacking over and over, seems to have no idea what an opinion is. It’s tiresome, to be honest, the amount of times I’ve read an article and thought it was interesting, then made the idiotic mistake of scrolling down and found the very first comment to be someone declaring the above as “utter bollocks”.  That is if it hasn’t been deleted by the moderators for not adhering to the community standards. After that original and witty opening shot, the commenter will often go on to bleat … Continue reading The internet versus opinion