A prose more ordinary

In a recent Guardian article, art critic Jonathan Jones wrote that Terry Pratchett’s discworld novels are not worth reading, that wasting your time reading them when you could be dragging your brain through the mire of some serious heavyweight Important Literature (please note very important capitals) is a heinous crime against art and culture. Well, sort of. He basically said he hadn’t read any Pratchett and never plans to. But he has just read some Jane Austen. So that’s nice for him. Ignore the fact that it kind of feels like he wrote the piece in about half an hour … Continue reading A prose more ordinary

Some more of my writing in other places

I’ve had a couple of things published online recently… Grapevine Birmingham have put my latest preview of the best arty stuff happening across Birmingham in June and July. Check it out here. Arts preview – June & July 2015 AREA magazine have got my preview of Trevor Appleseed’s latest exhibition, on at the mac now. Read it here: Trevor Appleseed at the mac If you’d to read more of my writing, including the thing I wrote for The Guardian on Baddies in Books (have I mentioned that before?), you can find some more stuff on My Writing page. Continue reading Some more of my writing in other places

Is there such a thing as a big break?

It’s easy to get distracted by the successes of others, and see their stories as another reason why this sort of thing will never happen for you, after all, you want their career and so far your life hasn’t emulated theirs, so obviously that’s it. It’s not worth trying because clearly, it’s never going to happen. A recent article in The Guardian looks at the big break of a mixture of different people working in creative fields, including Grayson Perry, Caitlin Moran, Ken Loach and more. Each of them describe their first job – perhaps to show that their first … Continue reading Is there such a thing as a big break?