Is there such a thing as a big break?

It’s easy to get distracted by the successes of others, and see their stories as another reason why this sort of thing will never happen for you, after all, you want their career and so far your life hasn’t emulated theirs, so obviously that’s it. It’s not worth trying because clearly, it’s never going to happen. A recent article in The Guardian looks at the big break of a mixture of different people working in creative fields, including Grayson Perry, Caitlin Moran, Ken Loach and more. Each of them describe their first job – perhaps to show that their first … Continue reading Is there such a thing as a big break?

Interview: Poolman Rowe

The idea of art and the community does not always go hand in hand; for many art is an elitist, intellectual pursuit that doesn’t sit comfortably on the sofa alongside the community, who are probably watching Gogglebox and eating KFC. Take a look at the popularity of local, community based art projects, like the recent Longbridge Light Festival, curated by artists Chris Poolman and Elizabeth Rowe, however, and a different narrative starts to emerge. Art and creativity have always been part of our community interaction; cave paintings, wandering minstrels: as a species, we’ve long been interested in presenting our experiences … Continue reading Interview: Poolman Rowe

Is art too clever or are we too stupid?

I don’t get art. I like it (I think), and I find the idea of art exciting. But sometimes it just goes right over my head and I wonder if it’s my problem or whether contemporary is just, you know, pretentious bullshit. The problem seems to be that most other forms of culture, like literature, film and music, are in general quite easy to understand. We know what the connotations of minor key are in a song, we get when someone in a novel or a film is looking in a mirror that perhaps they’re not being completely honest. We … Continue reading Is art too clever or are we too stupid?