Some books I read last year

In 2015, I managed to read 18 books. That’s more than one a month, which to me seems like a pretty good number. UntiI I read an article  by a woman talking about the 164 books she managed to read in a year. That’s more than three books a week. Three. Books. A week. A WEEK.  Not only did she read the books, she also kept a spreadsheet of all the books she read. Now I feel inadequate as a reader. Perhaps the fact that she’s a librarian gives her an unfair advantage, but still, unless I spent all my … Continue reading Some books I read last year

Choose Your Sausages Wisely.

Originally posted on Nicky Tate:
A career which involves writing can seem like the perfect fit, if you are an aspiring author.  In a talk I gave this weekend to the Stevenage Writers’ Group I outlined some of the pros and cons, and being realistic about “giving up the day job.”  Thank you to the group; it was a lovely laid-back session on a beautiful sunny day and I am grateful for the opportunity to spend some time in their stimulating and fun company. Thank you for asking me to talk a bit about what I do.  My job is to write… Continue reading Choose Your Sausages Wisely.