Stop it with all the singing

Groundhog Day – The Musical. It’s going to be a thing and it’s going to be at the Old Vic. Personally I hope that the groundhog itself gets at least one big number, because otherwise, well, it wouldn’t be fair would it? For whatever reason, it seems like whenever a thing gets any success the next apparently logical step is to make a musical out of it. At least with Groundhog Day it’s kind of logical – it was a film with a plot and characters and that, which is the basic ingredients (along with singing and music) for a … Continue reading Stop it with all the singing

Money for nothing

In the wave of Tidal’s launch (hur) the idea that musicians, and artists and maybe even writers, should be paid fairly for the work they produce is again being discussed. Of course what I mean by discussed is that, actually, everyone really agrees that artists of all types should of course be paid fairly for their work. If music, a book or piece of art gives someone else pleasure then it has inherent value and the person who spent time creating it should obviously be compensated for their effort. The problem seems to be that while most people will nod … Continue reading Money for nothing