Assault by popular culture

Sometimes I wonder whether there’s something wrong with my brain. Even though I never saw the relevant series of The X Factor I know who JLS are – I even know what the JL and S stand for and what some of them are called and even that one of them was going out with someone from another reality TV formed band, making everyone go crazy imagining what good looking talented superbabies they would have. JLS, X Factor and superbabies are not the only examples of this weird bloody phenomenon. I know what Kanye did at the Grammys (and I have … Continue reading Assault by popular culture

Class v culture: are we penalising the posh?

In a surprise move James Blunt has stirred up some controversy this week while gaining himself a few credibility points. Shadow culture minister Chris Bryant name checked Blunt in an interview in the Guardian criticising the number of high profile performers who come from privileged backgrounds. In response to the interview Blunt replied with an open letter to Bryant calling him a “classist gimp” and arguing that he was actually laughed at by people at his boarding school when he suggested he wanted a career in the music industry and were absolutely no bloody help at all. Blunt made it … Continue reading Class v culture: are we penalising the posh?

Dead famous

When a famous person dies, it’s easy to forget they were ever a real person. Especially if they die in tragic circumstances, then their life becomes a screenplay option. But are certain celebrities, like Robin Williams, more deserving of respect than others? Earlier this year, as no one has been allowed to forget since, Peaches Geldof died at home of a drug overdose. Like mother, like daughter, was the sentiment insinuated from the sofas of morning television across the broadcasting landscape. Her life was examined in close detail, as well as her abilities as a mother. Many condemned her decision … Continue reading Dead famous