Despicable art: shock therapy for the soul?

John Waters, the people’s pervert, self declared “filth elder” and director of Hairspray, Pink Flamingoes and Serial Mom, among lots of other weird and disturbing films, is an ambassador for the shocking in art and cinema. The first London exhibition of his art is on at the Sprüth Magers gallery at the moment, and he recently gave the commencement address at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) – seriously, watch it. It’s amazing. Waters has, throughout his career, tried to shock people. He wants to be despised, hated, vilified. In his speech to the graduates at RISD, he told … Continue reading Despicable art: shock therapy for the soul?

Is there any art in writing about yourself?

Sometimes it’s really hard to think about stuff to blog about. Which is why there’s sometimes a big gap between my posts; either I can’t think of anything worth blathering about, or the thing I’ve written is such a load of boring, rancid old balls that I’ve deleted it in disgust before it’s got to the add new post page in WordPress. Yes, that does mean sometimes I write even worse crap than this. Some writers get over this hurdle by writing about themselves. The ultra-confessional post or article is a genre of its own nowadays and it seems like … Continue reading Is there any art in writing about yourself?

Hipsters – the new unicorns?

Hipster cop, or a cop with a beard, became a meme after his star appearance at an EDL demonstration the other week. Turns out though, he’s more of a biker with access to moustache wax. Which makes me wonder, are hipsters the new unicorns? No one admits to being a hipster. Even people who live in Moseley, ride a dutch bike or single speed, drink craft beer, collect vintage NWA on vinyl, have a beard if they’re a man or pastel coloured hair in a braid crown if they’re a woman, call their children things like Alfie, Bertie, Molly or … Continue reading Hipsters – the new unicorns?

Stop it with all the singing

Groundhog Day – The Musical. It’s going to be a thing and it’s going to be at the Old Vic. Personally I hope that the groundhog itself gets at least one big number, because otherwise, well, it wouldn’t be fair would it? For whatever reason, it seems like whenever a thing gets any success the next apparently logical step is to make a musical out of it. At least with Groundhog Day it’s kind of logical – it was a film with a plot and characters and that, which is the basic ingredients (along with singing and music) for a … Continue reading Stop it with all the singing

Is there such a thing as a big break?

It’s easy to get distracted by the successes of others, and see their stories as another reason why this sort of thing will never happen for you, after all, you want their career and so far your life hasn’t emulated theirs, so obviously that’s it. It’s not worth trying because clearly, it’s never going to happen. A recent article in The Guardian looks at the big break of a mixture of different people working in creative fields, including Grayson Perry, Caitlin Moran, Ken Loach and more. Each of them describe their first job – perhaps to show that their first … Continue reading Is there such a thing as a big break?