You might have noticed that I do like to blather on a bit. It’s always been that way, ever since I was a small child and even when I was a large child. I haven’t had many thoughts that haven’t made their way out of my mouth at some point. Writing a blog is, in part, an attempt to mop up some of this verbal diarrhoea, so that’s nice isn’t it? What a privilege to be able to read this, I’m sure you’re thinking. Well you’re very welcome, anytime.

I knew I wanted to be a writer from a young age. I self published my first book in primary school, if I remember correctly it had a hero called Tom in it and a tree and was “illustrated by the author”, which I was pretty sure was the mark of the best and highest quality literature. Especially if this illustration was done in pencil crayon and on the back of some scrap printer paper.

I write non-fiction, generally in the form of articles and reviews for online magazines. I’m also working on a few other sider projects, including a literary fiction magazine that will hopefully be coming soon, and I’m also working on my fiction in the form of short stories and grievous (and in the most part aborted) attempts at novel writing. Admittedly my primary school effort has so far has been the only book I’ve had published (I was way ahead of Amazon and this Kindle business) but I’m still deluded and optimistic. I have had some writing published in various places, however, and you can find out about these and even read some on My writing page.

If that’s not enough (and let’s face it how can it be?) then you can also read my (semi) regular posts on art, culture, food, and anything that captures my attention for long enough to get it down in a word doc.

Thanks for reading and clicking and the like.

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