Cartists: Reimagining the Car

I can’t say that an exhibition about cars is something that would ever float my boat generally. I can’t drive, I’ve never even had a lesson and the provisional license I finally got when I was 20 something ran out about two years ago. Yeah, I’m not bothered about cars.
Black bugsBlack bugs sideBlack bugs frontBlack bugs close up
So it was pretty weird to find myself at Coventry Transport Museum on a Saturday looking round an exhibition called Cartists. That’s almost a shit enough pun for the title to be funny. Almost. Fortunately, the exhibition was also weird. Not weird in a gym knicker fabric hanging on an A frame kinda way. More weird in a some people with actual talent have let their imagination loose on a bunch of cars kind of way. 

Citroen Berlingo with eyesCitroen Berlingo with eyes close up

There was a Citroen Berlingo covered in eyes; a wreck with a woman’s face in it, a literally crazy Golf and a Rover SD1 with figures that go all 3D when you put the glasses on. 

KA with flamesCrazy GolfCoventry city car hoodColourful caravanRover SD1 3DCardboard carMushroom madnessShrooooom!

My favourite was the The Zulu Voodoo Liberation Taxi. What’s not to like about a taxi being driven by a skeleton in a red wig and covered in tiled flames, panthers and skulls. I would learn to drive if that was my car. I am not sorry for taking so many pictures of it. The interior was amazing as well. I wanted to live in it. I think I might redecorate my bedroom.  

Zulu Voodoo Liberation Taxi signZulu Voodoo Liberation TaxiZulu Voodoo Liberation at the wheelZulu Voodoo Liberation Tazi driverZulu Voodoo Liberation alarmedZulu Voodoo Liberation skullZulu Voodoo Liberation pantherZulu Voodoo Liberation interiorZulu Voodoo Liberation tile messageZulu Voodoo Liberation mirrorZulu Voodoo Liberation uplifting tilesZulu Voodoo Liberation side doorZulu Voodoo Liberation reflectionZulu Voodoo Liberation I'm an artist

If you want to see a load of cars made to look loads better than usual (including the one totally sheathed in cardboard), this is the exhibition for you.

Black and white sharpie carBlack and white sharpie car backCar lights chandelierCar seat with a faceCar interior with a face

Cartists: Reimagining the Car is on until 29th October and entry is free.

Coventry Transport Museum, Millennium Place, Hales Street, Coventry CV1 1JD  

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